Metalfx Online Employment Application

Employment Opportunity Statement

IMETALfx is committed to providing an equal opportunity for all individuals who are seeking employment. The objective of our hiring procedure is to select the most qualified individual for the job. We encourage you to provide us with complete and accurate information that demonstrates your qualifications to perform the duties of the job you are applying for.

Invitation to request reasonable accommodation for applicants with a disability

Any applicant with a disability who needs reasonable accommodation in any steps of the hiring process may request assistance to demonstrate his or her qualifications to perform the duties of the job for which the applicant is applying. The applicant who needs reasonable accommodation for a disability should inform the Human Resources Department at 200 N. Lenore Ave., Willits, 95490, (707) 459-9451.

Responding to inquiries on the application form

You must complete all of the inquiries on the application accurately and truthfully. If you leave an inquiry blank, we may reject your application. If you believe the question or information sought is not applicable, put N/A for a response in the space provided. If you report false or inaccurate information, we reserve the right to reject your application or terminate your employment if we discover the false or inaccurate information after the date of hire.

Purpose of the application form

I understand that the purpose of the application form is to give me the opportunity to provide the company with information about my skills, experience, abilities and other personal attributes that meet the qualification requirements for the job position that is available. I understand that it is in my best interest to be thorough, accurate and descriptive in providing this information. I also understand that a number of people may apply for each job opening and that METALfx does not guarantee anyone an interview or consideration beyond the application form.

Consideration of the application form

I understand that METALfx will consider my application for the job opening that I have applied for and for no other job position. I also understand that METALfx will only consider my application active for 60 days from the date of my application. I understand that after 60 days I must complete a new application if I want METALfx to consider me for a longer period of time or for other job positions.

Job application procedure

All contact regarding potential job openings or anything pertaining to the selection process are handled solely by the Human Resources Department of METALfx No other employees, supervisors or other METALfx related individuals are authorized to participate in these matters unless and or until requested to do so by the Human Resources Staff.

Reference and information check

In submitting this application for employment I understand that METALfx will investigate the information that I provide. If METALfx selects me for an interview I understand that METALfx will require me to provide METALfx with a release and waiver form so that METALfx may contact a representative of each former employer, educational institution and personal reference that I list on the application form or provide in an interview.

Drug and Alcohol test

I understand that part of the application process at METALfx does include a urinalysis exam which detects the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. I understand that if METALfx offers me a job then METALfx will request me to sign a consent and waiver form before I take the test. I understand that if I refuse to sign the form or if my test results are positive, then METALfx will withdraw the job offer and will not consider me for employment for six (6 months, after which I may reapply.

I-9 form documentation

I understand that if METALfx offers me a job position it is my responsibility before I commence work to complete an I-9 form and provide METALfx with documentation that shows that I am authorized to work in the United States. I understand that if I do not provide this documentation I will no longer be qualified for the job position. I understand that I may obtain information about the documentation by contacting the Human Resources Department at 200 N. Lenore Ave., Willits, CA 95490, (707) 459-9451 or by contacting the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service whose address and phone number may be found in the phone directory.