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ISO 9000 - ABS

Metalfx has had a long history of providing products and services that meet the needs and expectation of our customers. Our quality system has been certified to the ISO 9000 standard since 1995. Inspection equipment includes optical comparators, Fabravision, coordinate measuring machine, and a full range micrometers, height gages, calipers, pins, etc. - all traceable to NIST. Equally important, Metalfx has an inspection department of trained technicians with decades of combined experience. Metalfx's quality system focuses on planning, conformance to specifications, management review, and continuous improvement.


Jobs are processed with key inspection points identified on the job router in addition to first article inspection performed for each process. Every effort is made to incorporate customer expectations and standards into work instructions that make it happen.


Key inspection points make sure that processes are within control limits and the lots are compliant to the specifications. Special attention is given to EU:RoHS where required. Measurement and test equipment is calibrated on a planned regular basis and is traceable to NIST.

Management Review

Jobs are reviewed a regular basis to make sure that the defined plan has optimized the processes. Internal audits are done to insure adherence to our quality plan and conformance to the ISO 9001 standard. Senior management is involved on a regular basis in the review, planning, and actualization of quality goals.

Continuous Improvement

Job review is an integral part of our continuous improvement program. The staff reviews key metrics on a monthly basis including our cost of quality and acceptability of product to customer. Staff members make presentations semiannually on cost and quality improvements. We welcome the opportunity to meet with customer engineers to help improve your products.