Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

METALfx is a reliable provider of sheet metal fabrication in Sacramento. Since opening in 1976, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products across multiple industries. At METALfx we take time to understand your unique needs and find ways to make your job easier.

Our “Engineering first” approach is one way we achieve this as it ensures that quality is a top consideration at every phase of the fabrication process. But it’s not enough to deliver quality products in time, we also aim to add value to your supply chain and reduce costs where possible thereby improving your bottom line.

METALfx serves sacramento’s sheet
metal fabrication needs including:


Our experienced team regularly assembles custom enclosures and frames and can also add hardware, do kitting, and sub-assembly builds.


Laser cutting requires no tooling which makes it an excellent option for prototypes and short runs. Our precision 4000-watt laser cutting centers produce high-tolerance results that are consistently accurate. Our lasers easily cut up to 1” mild steel, .5” SST, and .375” aluminum.


METALfx has a high level of experience with custom enclosures and frames. We are skilled in both MIG and TIG welding and, as with everything we do, our in-house team designs and engineers custom fixtures to ensure the weldment meets all quality requirements.


With paint and powder coat surface cleanliness is the key to optimal results. METALfx cleans all parts in our in-house plate shop before paint, resulting in a highly clean surface and excellent paint results.


METALfx utilizes CNC Punch Turrets as a speedy, economical method of processing metal. Our vast library of punch tools often eliminates the need for costly custom tooling. For higher volume, stamping can offer greater savings.


METALfx’ forming produces precise 3D part geometry to customer requirements with a high degree of repeatability. We do this by designing and engineering the right fixture for the job and routinely producing parts up to 120” wide.


METALfx can support all of your needs from beginning to end. We love working with you to address your specific needs and find creative solutions to your problems.

Our 125,000-square-foot workshop is equipped with everything we need to complete your project. Because of our diverse services and capabilities, METALfx services a wide range of industries in Los Angeles.


  • Semiconductor
  • Medical
  • Food Services
  • Electronics Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Industrial

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up in Sacramento, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your manufacturing challenges and partner with you to reduce costs and streamline your supply chain while maintaining strict quality and reliability standards.


METALfx welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

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