As a precision sheet metal fabricating facility METALfx offers the latest in high production, low cost technologies. METALfx's success stems from the latest in high tech equipment, operated by experienced employees at every level.

We utilize a Mitsubishi state of the art Wire EDM. We are electronically linked with our customers from the engineering stage to the final quality assurance inspections prior to shipment.

METALfx is as committed to manufacturing as you are! Give us a call and let us go to work for you.

Rapid Prototyping:
Start-up tooling costs a concern? Our Laser Capabilities can provide the answer! From hours to just a few days, METALfx is here to meet your needs - no job is too large or small.

Soft Tool Production:
METALfx has a vast array of soft tool production assets including:
  • Amada 358 Vipros punching cells with full sheet capabilities, and up to 100 ton Amada
  • Our extensive finishing department, weld and spot weld services, provide complete turnkey and point of purchase production
  • With over 125,000 square feet of soft tool production floor space, METALfx offers our customers quality production services to meet and even exceed you requirements


METALfx can design and manufacture dies for hard tooling as well as punch press and punch brake tools to help reduce production costs.

High Volume Punching & Stamping:

As a stamping facility METALfx offers maximum flexibility to our customers. Product development assistance brings your project from concept to production.

Short run stage tooling or precision coil-fed progressive dies - we have the experience! Our customers enjoy and profit from our ability to combine soft tool and hard tool manufacturing techniques on a single application.

Stamping activities are supported by a fully equipped and staffed tool and die shop. We provide tool & die maintenance, repair, complete design and CNC die fabrication.

Laser Capabilities:

METALfx utilizes state of the art Bytronics laser technologies. Our laser capabilities range from the smallest of parts to full sheets. We can process sheets 60" x 120", cut mild steel up to 1" thick, aluminum to 3/8" and stainless steel to 1/2". Speeds rival those of turret punching. Special features include Rapid Prototyping and complex production projects.

From your CAD files to our laser, from prototyping to production, METALfx' laser staff can do it all. Give us a call and let us go to work for you.


METALfx's team has the experience, knowledge and solutions to meet your growing requirements in stamping, forming and fabricating.

With our vast array of tooling, extended lead times and costs can be avoided. Most tooling is completed in-house.


In the fasteners we are able to install all types of hardware that you require for design application.


METALfx weld shop is capable of welding on all types of material ranging from very thin to thick, from cold rolled steel, aluminum or polished stainless steel. We use mig, tig, spot welding and silver solder as needed.


The METALfx finishing department is able to work all types of finishes. Getting parts ready for paint or working on #4 and/or #8 stainless steel.

Phosphate, Passivation and Clear Alodine solutions are used to prepare your products. All conversion coating is performed in our environmentally friendly plate shop. Chromate conversions for aluminum comply with RohRs requirements of the EU directive.

Painting and Silk Screening:

METALfx applies waterborne & polyurethane paints to meet your finish specifications, from class "A" to Industrial.
METALfx has on site semi-automatic wet paint, manual powder coating & silk screen capabilities.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies and Testing:

METALfx is fully equipped to handle all your electro-mechanical needs. From installation of static sensitive devices at our ESD assembly area to other quality controlled assemblies, METALfx offers complete turnkey and point of purchase capabilities. Thousands of units per day are manufactured in our flexible assembly departments.
Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricating